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Western Electric 403b/6AK7 tubes all test good

 I have a quantity of used Western Electric 403b/6AK7 tubes, I am selling as a pair, dates are early 1970's. All tubes test in the 80%-89% Gm of NOS readings. Nos for this tube is 5100 gm min. is 3150 all these tubes test between 4100-4550 Gm, No shorts No gas. I have a large quantity available and will combine shipping. I will do my best to match Gm readings and dates on these tubes, each tube is marked with gm and mA readings, any questions please ask, Last photo shows my Amplitrex testing with a 403b tube, shipping is $4.00 1st USPS postage in USA. Price is PER PAIR.  Rocklandman Radios.   E-mail:  $20.00.  (ends 6/11/2018)  (0000056)

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Western Electric 403b/6AK7 tubes all test good

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