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RCA Victor 3-RD-35 Clock Radio (About 1960)

This is a working five-tube clock radio from about 1960. It has been re-capped and has a full set of good tubes. The cabinet looks pretty nice. The only visible flaw is a crack on the very side of the clock cover. Looking at the unit head-on this is not seen (see pictures). The clock motor runs quietly. The radio is working well, but might benefit from just a little more tweaking on the alignment. The PC board has a bit of darkening around the 50C5 and 35W4 tubes, as is typical of PC board based sets of this time period. All in all, a decent tube type (five-tube) clock radio at an affordable price. This is well suited to a radio hobbyist who likes the styling and color of this unit. A cheater cord is included. Double-boxed shipping is an additional $25. This sounds expensive, but there is absolutely no profit being made on shipping. Properly packing and shipping a delicate and sometimes heavy item simply is not cheap. PayPal only, please. I'll be out of town until May 10 but I'll reply to e-mails as soon as I return.  Greg Plant.   E-mail:  $35.00.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000062)
RCA Victor 3-RD-35 Clock Radio (About 1960)

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