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Silvertone 4464 Tombstone (1936-1938)

 Sears sold radios made by various manufacturers with their Silvertone trademark on the outside. Silvertone radios sometimes had a model with a chassis made by more than one manufacturer. This one does not have the Stewart-Warner chassis shown on other web sites. It is unique. It plays AM broadcast plus two other short wave bands. It has been carefully restored with new capacitors, on/off volume control, and tubes (as needed). An era correct, cloth cover line cord with Bakelite plug has been added to finish the restoration. Upon request an MPG Video can be supplied of it playing. Further an AUX input can be added to play phono or MP3 inputs for an additional $50.   E-mail:  $649.00 OBO.  (ends 7/10/2018)  (0000094)

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Silvertone 4464 Tombstone (1936-1938)

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