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Crosley 51 Regenerative Receiver (1924) Crosley 51 Regenerative Receiver (1924).   Radio is in good cosmetic condition and is untested. It has two tubes:– Radiotron CX-201A and Cunningham CX-112. Included with the radio is a set of headphones and what looks like the original manual. The manual is in poor condition.   E-mail:  $125.00 OBO.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000073)

Two-Tube Regenerative Tuner, Amplifier, Horn Speaker, Headphones (1920s) Two-Tube Regenerative Tuner, Amplifier, Horn Speaker, Headphones (1920s).   This radio set dates from 1923 or 1924. It is a two-tube regenerative type tuner with an audio amplifier that drives the horn or headphones. The horn and headphones have been checked using a 9 volt battery by touching the leads to the battery intermittently, producing a clicking, static sound. The last time the set was used was about 15 years ago; it was working then.
The power supply was built in the 1960's or 1970's by the original owner so that it can be run without batteries.
According to attached metal identification plates:
1. The tuner is a "Michigan 'Junior' Regenerative Receiver Type MRC-8 Manufactured by Klitzen Radio Manufacturing Company Exclusively for Michigan Radio Corporation Under Armstrong U.S. Patent 1,113,149, and Pending Letters of Patent 807,388. For Amateur and Experimental use only."
2. The tuner and amplifier are Michigan Radio Corp, Grand Rapids, Serial Numbers 1061 and 2027 respectively.
3. The speaker horn is Resonophone Mfg Co, Detroit Michigan, Patent Pending.
4. The headset is C. Brandes Inc, New York, Matched Tone, Patent Pending.
Click here for more photos.  Mick Dawdy.   E-mail:  $250.00 OBO.  (ends 8/17/2018)  (0000110)

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