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Philco 89 Lowboy Philco 89 Lowboy.   This radio has been in the family since about 1938. It has not been used for many years and some tubes are missing, but the cabinet, chassis, and speaker are intact.   E-mail:  $50.00 OBO.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000152)

Zenith 11-S-474 Console (1940) Zenith 11-S-474 Console (1940).   This is a beautiful 1940 Zenith 11-S-474 console radio. It is in excellent original cosmetic condition with original grille cloth, and all buttons and functions work. The radio's chassis was rebuilt by Ray Bintliff of Beta-Tek in MA. See the photos. I will not pack and ship this radio; it weighs close to 90 pounds, therefore it must be picked up in-person from my home in the Boston, MA area. I can answer additional questions of provide additional photos on request.   E-mail:  $1,200.00.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000151)


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