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Capacitor (Large Heavy Tuning Capacitor) Capacitor (Large Heavy Tuning Capacitor).   This is a large metal tuning cap. It has written 190 in 2 places. I am guessing 200 PF cap. This is a pull from something. I picked up at a ham fest. I am building NO longer. It has stamped on the side P7761569 PT 234. Being sold as is NO returns. Shipping: actual cost USPS.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000043)
Capacitor (Large Metal Tuning Cap) Capacitor (Large Metal Tuning Cap).   Large tuning cap 100 PF per section, 200 PF total 2 KV. Clean, and operational. Sold as is NO returns. Shipping: actual cost USPS.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000044)

Duotone 45rpm Spindle Duotone 45rpm Spindle.   Duotone 45rpm Spindle Universal Donut Adaptor for record player/phonograph. Still in original store packaging; packaging is rough but spindle is still NOS.  Don Maurer.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000030)

Electrolytic Capacitors (NOS) Electrolytic Capacitors (NOS).   New. Never used.  Joseph F. Rebar.   E-mail:  $9.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000004)

Fuse Clips Fuse Clips.   SOLD!  Five double fuse clips for cartridge fuses. New old stock.  Al Guy.  $3.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000011)

Helipots (2 Ea) Helipots (2 Ea).   Two Helipots Model B(D) R10K L.50 Precision Potentiometer Div of Beckman Instruments, California, and Toronto, CA. I ohmed these out with a multimeter. They both read. One pot has broken side, but still operational. Sold as is NO returns. Shipping: Actual cost USPS.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000047)

Mitchell 1252 "Nocturne" Parts/Rough Mitchell 1252 "Nocturne" Parts/Rough.   Plastic Walnut colored case has crack in top. Interior is fairly clean. Figure weight at 4 pounds priority shipping.  Dennis E Charles.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 9/18/2018)  (0000117)

RCA BP-10 Parts RCA BP-10 Parts.   Rough condition; no label. Believe it is an RCA BP10 or at least that family. Front plate has rust, insides appear fairly clean. Case is shot without handle. Shipping weight is about 5 pounds priority.  Dennis E Charles.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 9/18/2018)  (0000116)
Rheostats (Two NOS Ward Leonard Type Rheostats) Rheostats (Two NOS Ward Leonard Type Rheostats).   Two NOS Ward Leonard type 50R 300Volt 15 OHM 1.81 Amps Rheostats. I don't think they were ever used. They come with the mounting hardware. Could use a good cleaning. Sold as is, NO returns. Shipping: Actual cost USPS.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000046)

Trimmer Capacitors Trimmer Capacitors.   Six assorted trimmer capacitors for repairing radios or experimenting. New old Stock.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $3.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000012)

Victrola Reproducer and Box of Needles Victrola Reproducer and Box of Needles.   Unknown Victrola type record player reproducer and a Victrola box with a dozen or so needles. $15 + postage.   E-mail:  $15.00.  (ends 10/14/2018)  (0000032)

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