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Atwater Kent 60C (1929) Atwater Kent 60C (1929).   SOLD!  This is a stunning and very special example of the Atwater Kent in a Federal cabinet. This style Federal cabinet was used in the Radiola 46 production, but without doors and slightly different ornamentation. I have not found another with this build or an AK chassis in it; Federal was probably using the last of their leftover inventory from the Radiolas and supplying them to Atwater Kent. The cabinet features Birdseye Maple with stunning inlays and all the correct toning that the original finish had. The chassis is the late-style and in incredibly good original condition! Fully restored, it's a strong performer for a TRF and is matched well with an excellent speaker. You will be hard-pressed to find cleaner examples! 48"H x 26"W x 17"D.  Keith Park.  $495.00.  (ends 6/25/2018)  (0000037)

Channel Master 6506 AM Transistor Radio (1959) Channel Master 6506 AM Transistor Radio (1959).   SOLD!  Vintage 1959 Channel Master Model 6506 AM 6-Transistor radio. I serviced this radio with brand new electrolytic capacitors. I replaced the standard 9 volt battery clip with a new heavy duty one, and new battery holder. Cleaned the radio inside, and out. Retuned the circuits. The audio is clear, and goes to full volume. There is one chip in the upper rear left, and right corner of the radio. There are NO dents, or cracks in the radio. The radio requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included). This is a great radio to have during power outages. The radio receives from great distances. Shipping: flat rate $8.00 domestic only.  Lenny Bickford.  $21.95.  (ends 6/25/2018)  (0000024)

Jackson 665-J-2 Meter Jackson 665-J-2 Meter.   SOLD!  Very nice condition.  Joseph F. Rebar.  $25.00.  (ends 6/25/2018)  (0000005)

Motorola 62X12U (1952) Motorola 62X12U (1952).   SOLD!  Once you say the title of this radio you're almost out of breath. It's quite a mouthful. As you can see it's an original Motorola factory painted ivory Bakelite case. I've not see many ivory sets in this good of condition. They're known to chip-a-lot! Apparently, it comes from a fanatically clean house! They polished it a lot! Thinning paint and a few scratches, but a keeper for sure! Electronically reconditioned and aligned with new paper and electrolytic capacitors and all out of tolerance resistors were replaced. The six tubes are strong. Plays good. On the Jim Dennis "Scale of Beauty" an 8+ Motorola! If you'd like additional pictures please let me know. 12-1/2"W x 7"H x 7"D.  Jim Dennis.  $155.00.  (ends 6/25/2018)  (0000066)

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