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Channel Master 6503 AM Transistor Radio (1959) Channel Master 6503 AM Transistor Radio (1959).   SOLD!  1959 Channel Master 6503 AM 5-Transistor Pocket radio. Full boxed set. I replaced all the electrolytic caps with brand new ones. Replaced the battery clip. Radio requires standard 9 Volt battery (not included). The radio receives lots of AM broadcast radio stations across the entire AM band. The audio is clear, and goes to full volume. There are NO cracks, chips, or dents. The radio is cleaned inside, and out. Shipping: Flat rate $12 Domestic U.S. only.  Lenny Bickford.  $40.00.  (ends 8/23/2018)  (0000055)

Electricity and Magnetism books.  Assortment ranging from 1915 - 1948 Electricity and Magnetism books. Assortment ranging from 1915 - 1948.   SOLD!  1. Essentials of Electricity - A Textbook for Wiremen and the Electrical Trade Direct Currents- First Edition - 1915.
2. The Nature of Matter and Electricity - An Outline Of Modern Views -Third Printing - 1921.
3. Magnetism and Electricity - Living In A World Of Science Textbook - 1935.
4. Elements of Electricity - Third Edition -1937
5. The Electric Home A Standard Ready Reference Book - 1936
6. Swopes Lessons in Practical Electricity - Eighteenth Edition - 1948
7. The Story of Electricity and Magnetism - Harnessing Invisible Energy For The Service Of Mankind- Popular Science Library - Has lots of great photos and illustrations
All for one price.  $20.00.  (ends 8/23/2018)  (0000089)

Matsushita 748 (1963) Matsushita 748 (1963).   SOLD!  Six-tube AM/FM radio. Plays well on both bands. Cabinet shows some wear. Not restored. 13"W x 6-1/4"H x 5"D.  Jim Wassell.  $25.00.  (ends 8/23/2018)  (0000103)

Radio Boys Books - Assortment of 5 Radio Boys Books - Assortment of 5.   SOLD!  Assortment includes:
1. "The Radio Boys at Mountain Pass" or The Midnight Call for Assistance (1922) by Allen Chapman.
2. "The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice" or Solving a Wireless Mystery (1922) by Allen Chapman.
3. "The Boys of the Wireless" or A Stirring Rescue from the Deep (1912) Frank V. Webster.
4. "The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service" by Lieutenant James R. Driscoll (1918).
5. "Radio Boys Loyalty" or Bill Brown Listens in by Wayne Whipple and S.F. Aaron (1922).
All for one price.  $15.00 OBO.  (ends 8/23/2018)  (0000071)

Tubes (Lot of 28) Tubes (Lot of 28).   SOLD!  Lot of 28 Tubes. Most NOS, and in original boxes. I have NOT checked these. Being sold as is NO returns. Shipping: Flate rate $15 USPS Domestic only.  Lenny Bickford.  $75.00.  (ends 8/23/2018)  (0000049)
Type 808 Transmitting Tube Type 808 Transmitting Tube.   SOLD!  Old triode transmitting tube. Filament OK. Use in experimental circuit or as a static or lighted display.  Al Guy.  $20.00.  (ends 8/23/2018)  (0000007)

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