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Duotone 45rpm Spindle Duotone 45rpm Spindle.   SOLD!  Duotone 45rpm Spindle Universal Donut Adaptor for record player/phonograph. Still in original store packaging; packaging is rough but spindle is still NOS.  Don Maurer.  $10.00.  (ends 11/23/2018)  (0000030)

RCA 128 Cathedral (1933) RCA 128 Cathedral (1933).   SOLD!  1933 RCA 128 cathedral complete and all original. Set lights up including dial circle but no sound or smoke. Sold as is. payment by check (10 days to clear) or postal MO. No PayPal. Shipping extra.  Sam Manning.  $95.00.  (ends 9/24/2018)  (0000122)

Transistor Radio Lot of Three: Realtone TR-8611, Channel Master, Sony Clone Transistor Radio Lot of Three: Realtone TR-8611, Channel Master, Sony Clone.   SOLD!  You get all three radios listed below.

Realtone TR-8611 Constellation, fair condition. I don't see any cracks nor chips other than a couple small spots of something hot touching the radio on the corner. Metal front is dinged up and dirty and radio has scratches and scuffs, probably a parts set, untested condition (9V battery connector missing).

Realistic (Radio Shack) 12-171, tiny "clone" of the Sony ICR-200 radio; somewhat similar to the Sony right down to shape, size and knob placement. Fair shape couple cracks on bottom otherwise not too bad, maybe a parts set. I tried it with a 9v battery and it barely tuned in stations, controls very touchy will need repairs if you want to use it.

And a tiny Channel Master micro AM transistor radio.  $19.00.  (ends 11/23/2018)  (0000109)

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