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Arcturus Blue Tube Type 124 Arcturus Blue Tube Type 124.   Arcturus tulip shaped blue tube. Tests 34 for spec value of 25 on TV7 tester. First used in 1929 vintage AC operated radios. Will be carefully packed for safe delivery. Add $7.50 for priority mail to lower 48.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $25.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000018)
Arcturus Blue Tube Type 127 Arcturus Blue Tube Type 127.   Arcturus tulip shaped blue tube. Tests 62 for spec value 35 on TV7 tester. Used in 1929 vintage AC operated radios. Carefully packed for safe delivery. Add $7.50 for priority mail to lower 48.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $30.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000017)

Electric Radio Magazine (2011) Electric Radio Magazine (2011).   12 months of Electric Radio. All in excellent condition. Originally $3.85 each issue.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $18.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000016)

Fuse Clips Fuse Clips.   Five double fuse clips for cartridge fuses. New old stock.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $3.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000011)

Insuline Headset (1920s) Insuline Headset (1920s).   Headset from the early 1920's. Insuline Corp of America NYC model 23. Could have been used with a crystal set or maybe an 01A regenerative radio single tube set (very nostalgic). Checks out OK with a resistance of 600 ohms. Great for demonstrating old radio equipment or as a display item.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $60.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000010)

Kingston Model K Spark Coil (1906) Kingston Model K Spark Coil (1906).   Used in old cars, such as Ford Model T. Works OK with 6 volt supply. Very nice display item.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $75.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000008)

Modern Radio Servicing Modern Radio Servicing.   1935 first edition of Ghirardi's "Modern Radio Servicing" book. In excellent condition. Pages all intact and unmarked.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $25.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000019)
Mystery Radio Mystery Radio.   1950's AC-DC radio. Complete and restored including tube testing, capacitor replacement, alignment, etc. However intermittent operation after warm-up. You troubleshoot and fix and end up with nice radio.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $45.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000009)

Telegraph Key and Sounder Telegraph Key and Sounder.   Use as a nostalgia display item. You can connect a "D" cell battery to the terminals and make it operate. Works fine. No label other than Patent Applied For. Hole in center of base was used for screwing it to a table or bench.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $75.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000013)
The Boy Inventors' Wireless Triumph (1929) The Boy Inventors' Wireless Triumph (1929).   High adventure in radio from a 1929 viewpoint. Excellent condition of binding and pages.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $20.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000014)
The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border (1922) The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border (1922).   High adventure in radio. In good condition for a 1922 book. Some wear on the spine and front cover edge. Pages all fine.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $20.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000015)
Trimmer Capacitors Trimmer Capacitors.   Six assorted trimmer capacitors for repairing radios or experimenting. New old Stock.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $3.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000012)

Zenith 4-B-106 (1937) Zenith 4-B-106 (1937).   "Trailer and Boat Radio" in mahogany cabinet. This is a rare find. Also, this radio cabinet design is first in the line of Zenith's much sought after "cube" radios. Originally 6 volt DC operation and with a separate speaker. Now modified for 120 volt AC power and with a self-contained speaker. Electronics restored and radio is operational. An attractive addition to your home or office. Will be carefully packaged for safe delivery. 12"W x 9"H x 9"D.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $495.00.  (ends 9/17/2018)  (0000038)

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