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As an introductory bonus, all VEC ads are FREE until January 1, 2019.


Quick & Dirty.  (1) Submit the ad form, fully completed.  (2) I publish your ad.  EASY!

Ads We Accept.  Vintage Electronics Classified accepts ads for antique & collectible radios, phonographs, televisions, memorabilia, parts, accessories, and books & manuals.  Ads for cameras, cell phones, or modern era electronics (my call) are not allowed.  Every for-sale ad must have at least one accompanying photograph; up to five are allowed.  VEC also accepts "wanted" ads.

Run Time.  Ads will run for a 60-day period.  Ads are automatically deleted at the end of that time.  Existing or expired ads may be renewed for additional months, provided they are still in the site's database; otherwise, sellers must use the submit form and enter a new ad.  Ad texts or photographs may NOT be changed once the ad is published; contact information may be updated, however.  If your item sells while your ad is active, you may request the ad be removed. 

Rates.  FREE until January 1, 2019.  Here is the fee schedule that becomes effective on that date:

  selling price
less than $100
selling price
selling price
$300 and up
60-day ads 5%, min $2.00 $5.00 plus 4% of the
amount over $100
$13.00 + 3% of the
amount over $300
$2.00 $2.00 $2.00

Submitting Ads.  Submit the form with your photo(s) included; if the form doesn't work for you, send an e-mail to with your ad's photo(s) attached.  The form includes your ad's title and text, means of contact (e-mail address or phone number), PayPal e-mail address, asking price, name, and phone number (required for my records but not required to be displayed in your ad); you can attach your photo in the form as well.  Fill the form out completely, including your FULL name and telephone number.  Allow me 72 hours response time for posting your ad; I'm retired and my mind wanders off occasionally.  For "wanted" ads, submit this form instead.

Photographs.  FIVE photos are allowed per for-sale ad.  Give it your best shot; don't send me yucky cell-phone photos.  Send good quality photographs that show off what you're trying to sell.  Don't crop your photos; I will do that for you.  Photos should be uploaded into the ad submit form, or they can be-mailed to in .jpg format (PLEASE identify the photo if you send it in a separate e-mail so I can "connect" it with the ad).  I will scan paper photographs for you at no charge if you do not have a digital camera; if you want the photos returned, you will need to pay return postage.  I will display your photo at 800 pixels max (height or width, whichever is larger).  Photographs are not allowed for "Wanted" ads.

Contact Information.  You will need to provide contact information for your ad.  E-mail address is preferred, but phone numbers are acceptable also.  You do not have to put your name in your ad, but doing so is preferable as it gives prospective buyers a warm fuzzy about you and increases the chance of selling your stuff.

Communications About Your Ads.  Don't use your girlfriend's or your brother's e-mail account when communicating with the Webmaster!  Please use the same e-mail address as the one in your ads; please don't expect me to cancel's ad if you send an e-mail from!  Always use the Ad Identification Number (in parentheses at the end of your ad) when communicating about an ad; if I have to search for your ad, I'll get cranky.

Guarantees.  I promise I will publish your ad as soon as I can!  I cannot promise that your ad will get results; all I can do is provide the space for your ad.  Each ad will have an expiration date printed so you and prospective buyers will know how much longer your ad will be on the site.

Speaka-de-English?  Only ads written in English will be accepted.  More specifically, only ads written in GOOD English will be accepted.  If your ad looks like it was texted by a teenager, I won't post it.  If I can't understand what you are trying to sell, I won't post it.  If you do not use punctuation or capital letters where required by Grammar 101, I won't post it; go to night school and learn how to communicate.  I reserve the right to refuse to publish any ad for any reason.  Don't like it?  Send your ad to Antique Radio Classified magazine instead.  EXCEPTION: Sellers from non-English speaking countries who make the effort will get free assistance composing ads.

Renewal Reminders.  All ads may be renewed for an additional 60-day period.  You will receive automatic renewal reminders by e-mail beginning seven days before your ad expires. To renew the ad, simply reply to the e-mail.  If you don't want to renew the ad, ignore the e-mail and our ad will automatically expire on its scheduled date.  You will also be reminded about your "wanted" ad's expiration date.

Not Good Enough?  I am always open to suggestions for improving this web site.  Send them on!

P.S.  These terms may be changed, revised, adjusted, modified, tweaked, or deleted at any time and for any reason by the Webmaster.


How to Post a Wanted Ad.  Just submit the "wanted ads" form.  Wanted ads are free and run for 60 days; no photos are allowed.  You must follow the same rules as for-sale ads above.  Wanted ads may be renewed; just send the Webmaster the ad number and I'll renew it for another 60 days.


How to Buy from VEC Advertisers.  Contact the seller to discuss the purchase.  Ask lots of questions to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments.  Be aware of the item's condition and how it will be packaged.  Find out what types of payment the seller will accept and how the item will be shipped.  Pay when promised.

How to Keep Up with New Stuff.  Visit the What's New page.  The What's New page will show thumbnails of all the items added to the site in the previous thirty  days. 

Guarantees.  Vintage Electronics Classified is like a newspaper: the seller pays for the ad, I publish the ad.  If the seller turns out to be a jerk, I can't help it.  I will accept no responsibility for less than satisfactory performance of a seller, for any reason. 

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