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Coronado 807-B Console Cabinet.   I need to find a cabinet for a Coronado 807-B console radio. I can repair or refinish it if needed.  Steve Danielson   E-mail:  (ends 6/25/2018)  (W0000018)
Cow.   Don't have a cow! I want a cow! Not really, this is a test ad. Who in their right mind would want a cow?  Steve Adams   E-mail:  (ends 5/10/2018)  (W9999999)
Crosley 59 Chassis.   I have a Crosley Oracle cabinet that needs the radio chassis, model 59. This is a 5-tube chassis with type 47 output. Rust and dirt OK.  Carl Zimm   E-mail:  (ends 5/22/2018)  (W0000006)
Crosley F5 Graduate in Red (1954).   Searching for this model radio that was always on in our kitchen when I was growing up. Must work and must be Red.   E-mail:  (ends 6/18/2018)  (W0000013)

Heathkit BR-1 AM Tuner Cabinet.   Wanted to buy a cabinet for a Heathkit BR-1 AM tuner. Click here to see the radio.  Jack Tiggleman   E-mail:  (ends 6/18/2018)  (W0000012)
Hickok 600A Tube Tester Meter.   Will buy working meter alone or a kaput 600a with working meter.  Jeff Deitchman   E-mail:  (ends 6/13/2018)  (W0000011)

Lenco 75 Turntable.   Seeking a working lenco model 75 even if arm is faulty as long as it powers up and spins quietly.  Enzo   E-mail:  (ends 6/21/2018)  (W0000015)

Microphones and Recording Gear Wanted.   I'm a composer and recording artist, and I like experimenting with mics and other vintage recording equipment. I've got all the tape decks I need, but I'm always looking for other gear for different sounds.  Jeff Deitchman   E-mail:  (ends 6/01/2018)  (W0000008)

Nordmende Globe Traveler ll Service Info.   I am looking for service info for a Nordmende Globe Traveler II radio. What I need is the info for restringing the dial. If anyone knows where I can find this please let me know. I will be forever grateful.  Lenny Bickford   E-mail:  (ends 5/22/2018)  (W0000007)

Philco 42-PT-7.   Looking for a restored Philco 42-PT-7 (1940's) radio. Please let me know.  Sinisa   E-mail:  (ends 6/13/2018)  (W0000010)

RCA 8-X-521/522 Dial Pointer.   Click here to see the dial pointer.  Joseph F Rebar   E-mail:  (ends 6/04/2018)  (W0000009)
RCA LC-9A Speakers.   Wanted pair of Large RCA LC-9A Speakers from the 1950s.  Enzo   E-mail:  (ends 6/26/2018)  (W0000017)
RCA OP-6.   In pretty much any condition that can be resurrected, but the better the better.  Jeff Deitchman   E-mail:  (ends 5/08/2018)  (W0000002)
Rekord Junior 19.   I need an original power cord for one of these. Anyone have one laying around?  John Colville   E-mail:  (ends 5/21/2018)  (W0000004)

Superflex Radio.   ISO Superflex radio manufactured in Birmingham, Alabama.  Steve Adams   E-mail:  (ends 6/06/2018)  (W0000003)

Telefunken Opus 6 or 7.   Looking for Telefunken Opus 6 or Opus 7 in restored condition ready to use.  Murrel Myers   E-mail:  (ends 6/22/2018)  (W0000016)

Vitavox 15" Woofers and Crossovers.   Seeking to buy a single or pair of Vitavox 15" woofers from the 1950s and one pair of Vitavox crossovers with all the transformers from same era. Please call or text if you're selling.  Enzo   E-mail:  (ends 6/21/2018)  (W0000014)

Zenith 701 Bezel.   Need rectangular brass plate under volume control knob for Zenith model 701 radio. Plate has a "Z" in the upper right corner. Original or repro.  Carl Zimm   E-mail:  (ends 5/22/2018)  (W0000005)

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